The World's Fastest Application Security Software

No testing or experts required.

Real-time.  Continuous.  Scalable. 

  • Contrast for Eclipse
  • Contrast Security Awards
  • Contrast Security now protects your Microsoft .NET applications
  • Gartner Visionary Application Security Testing
  • 250+ Companies found 40,000+ vulnerabilities
Easy Install


Contrast takes only minutes to deploy:  Create a free account, download and install the Contrast agent onto your app server, and gain actionable results in seconds. No testing or experts required.


Contrast analyzes running applications, including custom code and open-source libraries, delivering accurate and actionable results based on the latest vulnerability intelligence.

Because there are no tests to write, maintain, or run, Contrast effortlessly adds security assurance to agile and continuous integration and scales easily to any number of applications.



Let’s face it:  Today application security is seen as a critically important annoyance.  Contrast changes that by empowering security teams to clearly explain where risks exist, who is responsible and HOW they can be fixed to every stakeholder.

  • Developers love Contrast because it pinpoints vulnerabilities and provides actionable code-level remediation advice, speeding fixes and learning, not conflict.

  • CISOs get live security dashboards spanning the entire application portfolio, from development to production, empowering them to make quick informed decisions.

  • Compliance teams love Contrast’s automated PCI and OWASP Top 10 reporting, which effortlessly speed regulatory initiatives.

With Contrast, Application Security is a powerful enabler, not an annoyance.